Thank you for a great year at the gym in 2018! I feel very fortunate to get to serve you every day and am so thankful for this amazing community. I feel very honored to be a part of it. Thanks for making my job great and thanks for supporting this business every day.

2018 was the year to "wrap up" a lot of the things that were necessary to get the gym where it needs to be. We finished a lot of build-out, did some restructuring of our operations, and did a fair bit of enhancement with equipment and detail work in all the various spaces. It's taken years of planning, construction, and heavy investment to get here. Over that time, we've remained committed to keeping our rates nearly identical to original rates despite significant overhead increases with locker room build-outs, new equipment leases & purchases, rising rent and business loans. It hasn't been easy to continue with original rates, but we made it happen by continuing to steadily grow our community and by the constant support of you, our members and our hardworking staff. Thank you for believing in us!

In order to continue to serve you as we do and maintain the rates that we have now, we'll be adopting a slightly different fee structure. Monthly rates won't change, the following fees will be adopted:

  • $39 Membership Enrollment Fees. Only applies when starting a membership.

  • $39 Annual Maintenance Fee for all Memberships

    • First Billing for all memberships started anytime before 2/1/2019 will bill on 2/15/2019

    • Memberships started between the beginning and end of each month will be set to bill the 15th of the following month.

These fees will offset our rising costs without creating a need to overcrowd the gym and parking lot more than our space or staff can sustain or support effectively, and allows us to keep our current rates.

Thank you for your support. We all really appreciate it. We also appreciate you understanding these necessary changes. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with anything you may want to discuss regarding this notice or anything else. I am eager for feedback and suggestions, always. Thank you and Happy New Year!


Jeri - Founder
Diesel Athletics
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