Jonathan Wade

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Jonathan started his fitness journey looking for a way to rehabilitate several old sports injuries and fell in love with fitness and corrective exercise. After spending some time with recreational bodybuilding, he started training in MMA and realized how important functional strength was, and began training in powerlifting. 

He currently coaches a crew of athletes in the sports of Strongman and Powerlifting, in addition to working with beginner athletes and your everyday person on building the foundational movements, stability, coordination, and strength to move, look, and feel better!

When he's not in the gym or working with clients he spends his time studying sports nutrition, programming and periodization, corrective exercise, and technique. He also has a love for music and works out of his home studio and several venues as an FoH engineer and producer.

Jonathan is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a specialization in Corrective Exercise and is always pursuing new certifications and specializations.