Randy Miller

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Having grown up with Golden Gloves boxers, Randy started martial arts early in life. They would create makeshift boxing rings in the backyard and practice on the weekends with family and friends at a young age. As a teenager, Randy continued to train his boxing with sparring matches. In high school Randy started to develop a love for grappling while competing on the varsity wrestling team in San Diego, Ca.

As an adult, Randy has studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a combined eight years under black belts, 3rd degree Black Belt Dominic Parker, 3rd degree Black Belt Cadu Francis, 5th degree Black Belt Saulo Ribeiro, and 2nd degree Black Belt Antonio Antonioli. He also studied Muay Thai at Gracie Barra San Diego under Muay Thai Champion kru Anan, San Diego UFC Gym Muay Thai Coach Jhanex Alviz, and Boxing Coach Oscar Gonzalez .This range of experience has made Randy a well rounded martial artist and coach. Currently Randy continues his study of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under 4th degree black belt, and life long martial artist Alex Ferreira at Hood River Martial Arts.